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Welcome to the feature request blog for Sticky Button. Feel free to post your ideas and requests here and we will do our best to add them to our roadmap.

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  • Bryan


    I stumbled across your app and this is a much better solution than mucking with code to add a second “Add to Cart” button which I was going to try to increase CR.

    Great App but I wonder if it may be a little pricey since it is $60/yr ($120 2/yr…) for just making a button sticky, which can be great for conversions but it will most likely be a one-and-done solution once the button created to liking. Just giving feedback and not to take away from the value of your product because it is a great App already, but for a one and done solution, hiring a developer might be the way to go.

    A couple suggestions: A preview window would be great in order to see changes in real time before submitting changes and without bouncing back and forth from product pages until the button is to liking. Something like what Button Optimizer does here: http://buttonoptimizer.com/

    An A/B split test option that shows # of clicks, unique impressions, and CTR of each button would be a fantastic addition if added for no extra price, which I think will make the difference of retaining customers and would make the difference of some deciding on sticking with service or getting a dev to adding a sticky button to store for a one time price.

    The font and size of font is good. Being able to increase size of font could be good though manually or automatically when increasing height of button.

    You guys may already have these suggestions in the works but I thought I’d provide some feed back since the App is new.

    I noticed there was no reviews yet which but I’m glad I checked it out anyway.

    BTW, is Taylor from Southern Ontario?

    Have a great weekend!


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