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Frequently Asked Questions:


Why optimize your store for mobile shopping?

70% of all internet traffic is now mobile and if you are not optimizing your site for mobile use, you are losing money! It's just math! Using a "Sticky" Add-To-Cart is a strategy that some of the best e-commerce  retailers like and are already using.

How does a "Sticky Button" increase mobile conversions?

This convenient placement puts the most important button in your store within thumb's reach at all times no matter where a customer is at on the page. Aside from being easier to reach while holding a mobile device, "Sticky Button" presents an opportunity for a customer to checkout when THEY are ready to. No more guessing where to place your button or worrying about long product descriptions that take customers away from your button!

How much does "Sticky Button" cost?

Sticky Button is free for 30 days because we want you to experience the increase in conversions for free BEFORE purchasing. After the 30 days our pricing is only $4.99 per month. 

Will you offer support?

Yes! We continuously update "Sticky Button" to be compatible with all themes, browsers, and devices! If there are any challenges installing "Sticky Button" to your theme, our dev team will be there to support you for the installation!

Are you releasing new features to this app in the future?

Yes! We already have plans to release all kinds of features to help you convert even more mobile visitors!



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